Since beginning to experiment with this form of poetry, I find that I view the world of nature in a different way. I’m more attentive, more appreciative. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t pen at least one. It’s become an awareness builder, a discipline and a sweet way of relaxing away from my daily “stuff.”  Here are some of my favorites.

Spongy leaky clouds/seedlings sip with pleasure/sky’s lifeblood water

Birds’ bright chorus wings/joining thrill of children’s voice/Spring comes out to play

Murky muggy fog/burns away in dappled sun/cat basks in beam’s glow

Golden orb rising/firmament dyed golden mauve/earth leisurely wakes

Warm sun longer stays/pale green leaves, seeds emerging/’tis earth’s time to grow

Damp fragrant darkness/settles like mantle of gloom/ nocturnal creatures revel

Night falls, moonless sky/twinkling mantle blankets earth/man in the moon sleeps

Drizzly mottled mist/damp embraced by spring’s new growth/rain in mellow mode

Spring’s message airing/ dusty ochre pollen flies/ blooms later, sneeze now

Fiery ball rising / through shrouded vapory mist / new day comes to life

Gruff storm clouds sneak in / brew blusts, gusts and chilly rain / Spring plays hide and seek

First shy bluebonnets / white-crowned royal blue velvet / pledge coming splendor

Spider-web clouds stretch / veil setting sun to create / pale pastel ribbons

Rain scented of Spring / cleaner, refreshing, sweeter / air holds pure promise

No mowing today / wildflowers and weeds riot / paint roadways happy

Going down the back road / slow curves all but deserted / green shade trees return

Tree branches bouncing / frisky squirrels jump and fly / sunny morning frolic

Spring scents abound / breeze wafts messages by air / dog’s idea of bliss

Early morning sky /big yellow moon hangs around /hello day—night, night!

Sweet smell new mown grass / wildflowers’ dazzling array / I saw God today!

Small birds stilled by brisk breeze / valiantly trying to move / turn around feathered ones

Haiku for Easter: Wildflowers blanket / pastoral country fields / God’s earth resurrected

Onyx night gray dawn / Bloated laden leaden clouds / showers never showed

Indigo sky fades /to peach, mauve and pale azure / delicious cool air

Birds chatter, grass grows/ blossoms riot, herbs flourish / Spring is speaking out!

Chilly dew-kissed dawn / sunny blossoms scent the air / Spring shares her love gifts

Windy muggy damp / sun takes a break, clouds hover / air musty and dank

Beneath azure sky / delicate chive blossoms sway / to earth’s Spring refrain

Spring-borning sea life / in silent entreaty cries / we choke, we die. Help.

Rain cleansed spring dawn green / all things grassy and leafy / give thanks for nature’s drink

Spring magnolias bloom / midst dark leaves, mist swirls round trunk / like sheer petticoat

Sunset mauves, pinks, peaches / now pearl grey spring night over/ jagged mountain tops

Night falls on desert / smoke wisps float over the peaks / first summer grass burns

Solstice sun on desert / spring blooms dry to pods and seeds / now relentless heat

Yuccas standing tall / wildly profuse blooms offer / stately welcome home

Fire on the mountain / dry grass and trees devoured by / dragon’s angry breath

Tracks in desert sand / jackrabbits scamper, quail scatter / white-wing dove takes flight

Warm still summer dawn / flame-tipped golden orange clouds float / promise fire hot day

Light and shadow dance / sun and clouds play tag as peaks and / plains seek summer rain

Froth topped craggy peaks / God’s amazing artistry / vistas ever new

Peaks shrouded in clouds / promising prospects of rain / fulfilled in soft mist

Rain falls over there / miles away it’s wet but here / our desert home’s dry

High on the desert / rivulets of summer rain / flooding plains below

Distant thunder rumbles /summer storm clouds charge by / desert left to thirst

Rainbow gleams midst clouds / light breaks through the stormy
dark / sun will shine again

Distant thunder rolls/ gentle rainfall soothes desert / parched plains welcome drink

Chiseled grey mauve peaks/ reflect lingering sun rays / night comes clear and cool

Mountains of my youth / verdant green this summer day / trails of time gone by

Monochrome grey day / parched earth drinks in cool rain / can fall be far away?

New day bursting forth / born in vibrant fiery hue / fall’s arriving soon

Blazing copper rims / on horizon’s bank of clouds / gray to gentle night

Storm clouds roll over / pushed by cool brisk winds of change / quail scurry to hide

Flaming horizon / final daylight burns away / into restful night

Thunder rumbles low / lightening shoots through night’s ink sky / rain washes parched earth

Smoke not clouds drifts up / what damage will be wrought / as fire slinks toward peak

Verdant green branches / arch gracefully in welcome / dance in dappled sun

Gold erupts o’er peaks / crisp spring air, lilting birdsong / desert morning breaks



  1. These are great. Keep it up.

    • These are only part of what I’ve written since I began. Still love the book you sent me on haiku.

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