The Whisper by Carla Neggers

This is the latest in Neggers’ FBI series, set both in the Boston area and the Beara Peninsula of Ireland, continuing the story of missing and coveted Celtic treasures—and what evil will be done to possess them. The main characters in this segment, though the reader has met them in earlier novels, are Cyrus “Scoop” Wilson, a Boston cop recovering from injuries sustained in a horrific explosion, and Sophie Malone, a Celtic treasures specialist. The supporting cast of the Sullivans and O’Reillys and Rushes as well as other familiar faces are back to lend a hand.

Weaving a first-rate tale of mystery, romance, danger, and myth, Neggers engages her readers in a fast-paced read that will keep them guessing. Her descriptions of the Irish countryside will have them longing for a tour themselves.  Building upon the ongoing story of friends, family and unseen enemies, Neggers adds depth and intrigue to make this a real page turner.

Not all of the characters are nice people, and the violence can be graphic, but it is not gratuitous—it is part and parcel of story and character, and Neggers handles it well. That being said, this is not the main thrust of the story nor is this a totally dark tale. Love and laughter and family celebrations are portrayed with wit and realism. There are friendships and love affairs and the dedication of professionals who set out to do a job and do it well. These are realistic characters with lives to lead and problems to be solved, and reliance on others for help is paramount.

The Whisper is a finely crafted tale that will keep readers hooked until the very end—and then leave them wishing for more. The combination of Irish folklore and real life mystery is a winning one. Myth, mystery, human interest and police procedural all stand together to make this a strong offering. Neggers’ fans will love it—and new readers will be entranced.

I received a copy of this book for review from the author, publisher, or publicist.

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