1022 Evergreen Place by Debbie Macomber

In her latest installment of the Cedar Cove series, Macomber welcomes the reader back with her usual warm chatty style and familiar characters. Marriage—existing and intended—plays a large role in this particular story line.

Mary Jo Wyse and her baby daughter Noelle are tenants of Mack MacAfee on Evergreen Place. The two adults are good friends, and show every sign of moving into a meaningful romantic relationship.  Mack adores the baby and her mother but issues of trust and openness on both sides may hinder their romance. Meanwhile, they are caught up in the mystery of old letters Mary Jo finds hidden in her apartment. Could they hold a key for the young couple?

Mary Jo’s brother Linc has unexpectedly and suddenly married Lori Bellamy. Have these former loners found true lasting love, or will family expectations and entanglements be their doom?

Mack’s two sisters, Linnette and Gloria, have both had troubled romances in their pasts. Is it time for both of them to find happiness?

A jealous and confused young girl threatens to be the undoing for the recently wed Rachel and Bruce Peyton. Bruce’s daughter Jolene, once Rachel’s biggest champion, is now her most bitter adversary. She resents their marriage and undermines their relationship at every opportunity. She does not want to share her father.

All of these, and several other, relationships make up this tale of life and love in Cedar Cove. Although Macomber’s novels are warm feel-good stories, there are no pat solutions and the reader is left wondering on several scores here. The characters are believable and the sense of community and family is strong. Macomber’s style and wit keeps the story moving, and the reader becomes invested in the lives of these folks, as if they are familiar old friends. Of course, if you are a Cedar Cove fan, they are. With just enough serious conjecture and open-ended problems left unsolved, fans will be waiting eagerly for the next installment.

I received a copy of this book for review from the author, publisher, or publicist.

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