Posted by: susanideus | August 28, 2010

Welcome to a Friend

A good friend from Story Circle Network has joined the blogosphere, and I’m so happy to have her company here! Mary Jo Doig will be sharing her lovely stories over at Musings from a Patchwork Quilt Life–Life Stories of Simplicity, Serenity, and Solitude. I hope you’ll join me in making her feel welcome. I know you’ll enjoy her new blog! Welcome, MJ!



  1. Hi Susan: I’m copying the comment I left for you over on Becky Lane’s blog since I don’t know if you re-read past posts & comments:

    “Congratulations Susan! I remember how thrilled I was to win one of Becky’s giveaways about a year ago—I, too, had never won anything. Enjoy.”

    Also, just had to tell you about some meaningful coincidences in your “Who is Susan” narrative. Your daughters’ names are almost the same as me and my sister’s. (Becca and Joanna). My folks retired outside of ABQ a few years ago and everytime I visit I love NM more. They and Joanna’s family just completed a wonderful week’s vacation out in the Pecos wilderness back in July…

    Anyway, I’ve added you to my Favorites and look forward to catching up on past posts.

    • I hadn’t had a chance to check back on Becky’s blog–one of my very favorite!–so thanks for copying me here. And thanks for the checking out my blog. Glad to hear you like New Mexico. It’s an enchanted place!

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