Posted by: susanideus | March 18, 2010

Undiscovered Treasure

I officially met Nancy Rigg at a Story Circle Network convention in February of this year. Previously we were online acquaintances for a number of years. I’ve always admired Nancy’s spunk and her generous caring attitude about causes and people who matter most to her. (See her blogs: Swiftwater Rescue News and Drowning Support Network as graphic examples of her caring in action.)

What I did not know was that Nancy is an accomplished musician. Recently she held a gathering at her home in California that was a celebration/tribute to those friends and family who had passed on–and of course a wee bit of early celebrating for St. Pat’s Day! Nancy and several friends teamed up to play a lovely song, Bygone Days, written by Eileen Ivers for her parents.  Nancy played her mother’s old (antique?) violin although more correctly, she was fiddling! The “performance” was recorded and posted online, and with Nancy’s permission, I’d like to share it with you.

Bygone Days

Nancy, this is like undiscovered treasure–a delight to find, to listen to, to enjoy–memories of my loved ones washed over me like a gentle rain nourishing my soul as I immersed myself in this music. Thank you!


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