Posted by: susanideus | February 13, 2010

Changes, changes

My blog has been inactive for a bit and may be so for awhile. I want to revamp it some, including the name. Too many others out there with the same titles and if I want to use it seriously, I want to find something unique. So I’m exploring my options with TypePad, and maybe else where. Whatever I decide to do, dear readers, you’ll be the second to know (after me, of course!)

I attended two good seminars on blogging at the recent Story Circle Network National “Writing from the Heart” Conference. Great panelists and wonderful presentations–on having multiple blogs, on using paid advertising on blogs, organizing blogs, why people blog, building platforms, ans on and on. My brain was full.

Made me aware of several things. Mine needs to be unique, personalized. I need to find a focus of some sort. I need to be consistent.

So, the changes are not just for he blog, they are for me too. Lord knows I need a focus and some consistency. My name I’ll keep!



  1. I love your title, especially the last word. Do you ever find a blunder leads you into something amusing, delightful, even productive?

    • Thanks, Kathy
      One of the reasons I’m revamping is that I needed/wanted a unique title. My last one was “shared” by a few too many folks in the blogosphere. And, yes, I do believe that our blunders often lead us into directions we might not have otherwise tried. As I get older, I find myself a bit more forgiving of my own mistakes, especially if they cause me to learn & grow.

  2. Looks great, Susan–love those mountains in your banner. We all need a few mountains in our lives! Looking forward to your posts.

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m in this to learn and I’m going to be going quite a bit of work on the look of the blog as well as the content. As I heard often from presenters, and always from Becca, use the help section. As you might guess, those are New Mexico mountains, the Sandias outside Albuquerque. Many pleasurable hours spent there!

  3. Good for you, Susan! I’m looking forward to visiting often.

    • It’s mostly due to your wonderful panel discussion that I am so involved in doing this now. There were so many good ideas and tips. I’m trying to learn to do all this on my own–though I admit to calling Becca when I have a glitch. I’m excited by the possibilities.

  4. Being ourselves is one of the trickiest but most important things we learn to do. Kudos for you for re-focusing and finding the unique perspective that “being you” brings to all of us!

    • I’m working on it, Susan. So much inspiration at the SCN Conference, including yours, that it’s never too late. Definitely not without effort, but not too late. I might wish I had done this sooner, but I can only go forward from where I am.

  5. Love the new look sweetie! I never thought to include a page of quotes – what a stellar idea! I may have to visit there from time to time to get some inspiration.

    • Visit often! I’m always adding new ones! Glad you like it!

  6. Writing begets writing! If you stay with it, more words will come!

    Stop by and visit my blog!


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