Posted by: susanideus | November 1, 2009

Nature’s Mysterious Ways

This is not a serious thought-provoking post. However, it is, I think, interesting.

Awesome spud

As Harold brought in groceries for me to put away earlier today, he set down a new bag of potatoes. Normally, I put them in their storage basket and go on. Today, though, something caught my eye–literally the largest single potato I’ve ever seen. Didn’t even think this was possible. So I took a picture of it surrounded by its bag-mates.

Then I thought to myself–self, for all anyone else knows, that could be a baking potato surrounded by baby potatoes. Something more convincing, more graphic is needed. So, I needed to take another picture that would be more convincing. Some comparisons of relative size are called for here. So off I went for more props and set up yet another photo shoot. What do you think?

Compare this spud

That’s the can of Diet Coke I was ready to open, a regular dinner fork and my trusty tape measure (which I now note I didn’t place quite correctly). Folks, this spud is 11″ long! It weighs about 4 pounds. Anyone real hungry for a baked potato?

Is this a freak of Nature, or one of its miracles? Guess it depends on how you look at it. I prefer the latter myself.

My profession is to always find God in nature.
– Henry David Thoreau



  1. That’s quite the spud!! 🙂

  2. Omigosh! A 4-lb potato! It’ll take hours to bake. You’ll have to invite the whole neighborhood to help you eat it! But what I really want to know: what made Harold bring home that beastie?

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