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Who is Sue?

Us at wedding reception I am Susan Ellen Myers Ideus, a 60-something woman with a husband Harold to whom I’ve been married over 40 years.  We have two lovely grown daughters, Becca and Johanna, and a delightful son-in-love, Nathan Taylor, who is Becca’s hubby.

At present, we live just outside Magnolia, Texas–north of Houston and no doubt before long part of Houston’s urban sprawl.  In our household, besides hubby & I, Johanna is living with us on an interim basis–that being until she discovers what she really needs to do with her life.  We’re cool with that for now.  Critters include our Cairn Terrier (terror), Sir Ryan MacDuff of Alvin, otherwise known as Duffy, plus Jo’s two cats, Jasper the Large (19 lbs) and Gidget the Small, a pretty little Tabby. The Taylors have Tex the Huge, their lovable Yellow Lab and three more cats to add to the mix.  All of them star in my Critters photo album.

I was born in Indiana, but grew up in Albuquerque.  I have a degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico–go Lobos!!  Though we’ve moved around a lot (there’s a book in there somewhere, I’m sure), my heart and soul will always be pulled back to the Land of Enchantment–the sublime sunrises and fiery sunsets over the desert, the moonrise over the mountains, the red rocks and waterfalls of the Jemez and the peaks of the Pecos wilderness.  We hope to return when we retire.

Most of my working life, I was involved in retail, starting in my teens as a Christmas gift wrap person, working my way to management and buying.  I loved the interaction with customers, loved my staffs, and thoroughly enjoyed the travelling and the markets, and spending someone else’s money.  Retail was a good place to use my psych degree, people skills, you know.

Right now in my spare time (40+ hours a week), I work in the accounting/customer service office of a Houston air conditioning company.  Still using those people skills!  The serious part of my life is writing, and someday will be my day job.  More and more, I realize how many stories I do have to tell, if not for publication, then for posterity.  My daughters clamor for stories of the past.

Second to writing as a passion is reading.  Both passions are indulged in Story Circle Network.  I facilitate an online writing circle and am one of the co-editors for Story Circle Book Reviews.  Recently, I became a member of the Board of Directors of SCN.

As a woman, wife and mom, I’m concerned about the state of our society and our world.  I know something must be done about energy sources, health care issues, the environment, genocide and all kinds of injustice.  It was Dr. M.L. King Jr who said : “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  I get angry when these vital concern are bandied about like political footballs by our elected officials.  Elected, I might add, to represent their constituents, but I think no one is listening.  Maybe it’s time to get louder…

I am a Christian by grace and a United Methodist by choice.  I have no doubt that there is a Creator.  Just look around.  I believe in miracles and I believe they happen all around us every day.  One of my goals is to be more cognizant of them. I believe in and am sustained by friendships, truly gifts of grace. I seek to be more attentive to them.

So that’s who I am.  Glad to meet you!



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