Posted by: susanideus | May 12, 2008

Mom’s Memories

Mother’s Day is always a time of reflection for me.  In the past, the memories were sometimes unpleasant or at the very least, sad.  My mother and I didn’t ever sync — I couldn’t be what she wanted — because of who she was, she couldn’t tell me what she wanted.  Age has mellowed most of that, and now when I think of her, I feel only sadness.  I’ve grieved for all that she missed in life and for the fact that I don’t believe she knew she was missing anything.  Life is so rich when we open our hearts to it, but hers, for reasons unknown, was forever locked away.

Since becoming a mother myself, the memories are sweet, sometimes humorous and always filled with love. 

When Becca and Jo were young, Harold always helped them orchestrate the day.  Breakfast in bed and maybe a new book for Mom to read, some new music, or a piece of jewelry.  No matter that one time breakfast was a cheeseburger and chocolate doughnuts — they were both favorite foods of mine.  What made it special was that the girls noticed what I liked and insisted that their dad help them accomplish the unusual menu.

Now that I’m older and they are grown women, they continue to make this one day — and all the other days of my life — special.  They are both thoughtful and generous.  They are also best friends, which in itself is a gift to me, and they share their friendship with me.

This year, their thoughtfulness exceeded anything I could have imagined.  The two of them, along with my wonderful son-in-law Nathan, are flying me to Albuquerque to visit with my dearest friend Donna who was suddenly widowed in February.  To realize that we need to see each other and connect beyond the phone and Internet…well, my kids are just super!

Because there always has to be “a gift to open”, they also gave me a lovely necklace & earrings from their favorite shop in Albuquerque — in garnet, my birthstone.  And taking care of life’s basics, a box of Starbuck’s Tasting Chocolates.

And speaking of son-in-laws, mine has got to be the best.  He cooked an excellent meal yesterday — Becca helped too — with grilled steaks, a most wonderful risotto and steamed broccoli.  My grown-up favorites!!  That he would take the time and make the effort to do this has so touched my heart.

Harold fixed home-made waffles for breakfast and presented me with a gorgeous bouquet of roses.  My hubby is such a sweet guy.  Someday I may deserve him…

I am a blessed woman, and a thankful one.




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