Posted by: susanideus | April 27, 2008

A Different Kind of Day

Today I cooked.  I don’t mean just lunch or dinner — this was a marathon.  Yesterday, I cooked two chickens.  Today, those became Green Chile Chicken Enchilada casserole and Chicken Tetrazzini.  I made a huge batch of red beans and sausage for beans & rice.  All of these will be wonderful to re-heat through the week.  For breakfasts, I made two kinds of muffins — Harvest Muffins with carrot, zucchini, apple — very healthy & very delicious — and Mocha Banana Chocolate Chip, not so healthy but oh so yummy…  Plus two dozen sausage kolaches and a dozen cream cheese kolaches.  Whew!!

I’m tired but in a good way.  I accomplished something!  I know that Harold is tired of fast food and I’m tired of being too beat to fix dinner when we get home.  Then there is paying for breakfasts and lunches every day for work.  It’s killing my budget.  Mainly, though, I just wanted to do something nice for my family.  Maybe it’s partly the idea of getting to a man’s heart through his stomach.  I think Harold’s heart (spirit) needs some extra love right now. Work is not going well these days.

Of course, this all makes me feel even more deeply that I belong at home.  This is what I do well.  This is who I am.  Caring for my family and caring for myself by expressing myself in creative ways — writing and cooking and writing…

It was a very good day!


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