Posted by: susanideus | March 5, 2008

Too busy?

Today was the funeral of my husband’s Aunt Lucille — a very traditional Lutheran service for a very traditional Lutheran lady.  I am not a fan of open caskets, but I actually smiled today.  One of her granddaughters thought her grandma wouldn’t look like herself unless she had a skein of yarn and a crochet hook in her hands, so that’s what they did.  It was such a sweet touch and absolutely appropriate for Lucille.

At the luncheon afterwards in the church hall, all of the cousins visited and several of us expressed concern that we might not be seeing much of one another with all of the parent generation gone.  After all, we’re scattered all over south and central Texas and we all lead busy lives, so… 

But, wait!  We were all there today, taking time off from work, travelling to this tiny country church, supporting our grieving family members.  It mattered so we came.  So…doesn’t it matter for those of us left to stay in touch, to visit, to talk, to celebrate life??  We’re still here and we matter to one another, don’t we?  We certainly should.  We are family!

We exchanged e-mail addresses and told one another we would figure this out.  I hope we do.  Life is precious, every day of it.  Family is precious, every member of it.  Memories are precious — we have many to share with one another — and many yet to make.

Too busy?  I pray not.



  1. I received a letter from you a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve thought of you often (I always think of you often). I tell myself I’ll write back or I’ll call as soon as I get a free moment. I seem to always think that free moment will come sometime today; and yet, here I am two years later. Truth be told, I’m sometimes afraid I won’t have anything interesting to say to you. I should know better. I’ve missed you for such a long time, dear woman.

    I’m currently on spring break, and I’m reworking my garden in my backyard (I discovered I love gardening). I was looking up some plants I thought I might like when I thought I would “Google” your name (just for fun). God moves in mysterious ways, right? Here I am, commenting on one of your blogs that is extremely apropos.

    I hope all is well with you and Harold, and I promise I’ll contact you in a more personal way very soon – hopefully the numbers I have for you will lead to your voice.

    Warmth & Happiness,

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