Posted by: susanideus | January 22, 2007

To understand…

Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said “To believe and to understand are not diverse things, but the same things in different periods of growth”.

And consider this quote from Susan Wittig Albert’s upcoming book Spanish Dagger: “And knowing the truth doesn’t mean there’s no unfinished business.”  (And yes, dear reading friends, I see nothing wrong with mentioning both of these awesome authors together…but I wander…)

Here’s the thing…I know I’m a compulsive eater. After countless books on the subject and some pretty good therapy, I even know the reasons for the compulsion. So I know the truth – and I believe what the books and the therapist have told me.

I know the damage poor eating habits and excess weight can do (have done) to my health. I know what to eat and how to cook healthy food. I’m sure I’ve tried and succeeded at losing weight on 75% of the weight-loss diets/eating plans known to mankind.

But I can’t understand why, at my advanced age, I can’t put all of this behind me and give up the nasty habits. There’s evidently some of that “unfinished business” that China Bayles was speaking of in Spanish Dagger. Or maybe it’s just lack of will power or self-control.

Whatever it is, I’m frustrated and discouraged and not very happy with myself. I guess I’ll go read another book. Where are those cookies?


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