Posted by: susanideus | September 3, 2006

I’m supposed to love him????

Did you ever hear something that didn’t just catch your attention, but instead just slapped you up the side of the head (as somebody’s grandma no doubt said)?

This morning Harold was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah on TV — I sat down to listen too.  He’s not one of those Bible-thumpin’, hell-fire and brimstone TV evangelists at all.  He’s more a straight-forward teacher of the Bible.  Much more my style.  (I happen to think that some of the Bible-thumpers need to stop thumpin’ and start readin’, but that’s for another day.)

Today, though, his teaching got personal and downright meddlesome.  He suggested — no, he said — that if I am a Christian as I profess (I am and I do), I must love the most unlovable person I know.

Now, I’m good at loving from a distance.  It’s easy to say — and truly mean it in my heart — that I love Muslims and alcoholics and even drug dealers — for I sincerely believe all of them are children of God even as I am His child.  I’ve always taught my girls to love the sinner and hate the sin — that’s what God did for me.  But, Dr J meant here and now, on a daily basis, with the most troublesome person at work or wherever on a one-to-one level.  Now, that’s going to be tough.

One of my biggest complaints about where I work is that there are loud, boisterous, mean-spirited, also-professing Christians that drive me up the wall.  If I can’t love these guys, who is more the hypocrite — them or me??  I know what God would say.  Cut to 1 John: 3:18 (NLT) — Dear children, let us stop just saying we love each other; let us really show it by our actions.  And, trust me, I know that actions include thoughts and talking (gossiping?) as well as overt acts.  I’m beginning to sense a problem…

Dr J cut to the quick when he asked if ______ is any more unlovable than I was when God first spoke His love and grace to me.  Well, gee, uh, stammer, stammer, the answer would have to be no, since I was a pretty big mess.

I think an attitude adjustment is in order before I go back to work on Thursday.


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