Posted by: susanideus | August 31, 2006

It was a good day!

Since our travel plans changed so suddenly, we found ourselves with time off and no place to go.  Two days before Labor Day weekend is NOT a good time to find accomodations anywhere.  We do have reservations down on the Gulf for Monday and Tuesday after the other tourists leave, but that gives us several days to fill.  We decided to play tourist in our own area.  Heaven knows, we haven’t had much time off to just play in the past few years. Our first destination was Washington on the Brazos State Park, the “birthplace of Texas”.  My husband, a native Texan had never been here, and he’s a history buff.  They have a wonderful museum, which was perfect for today’s nearly 100 degree temps.  There are outdoor attractions as well, which we will leave for late Fall or early Spring.  This is a great place in a lovely setting and if you want to know more about Texas history, you’ll want to visit.  To learn more, go to their website: One humorous note…  There is a small section of the museum devoted to the Texas Rangers, not the baseball team, but venerable lawmen indeed.  I was a bit taken aback and couldn’t resist a chuckle when I saw, near the end of the display, images of two fictional Teas Rangers, Clayton Moore as “The Lone Ranger” and Chuck Norris as “Walker, Texas Ranger”.  Hubby Harold was quite as amused. Our next stop was Somerville Lake, not far from Brenham.  What a gem!  This is a beautiful lake, not big by Texas standards I guess, but certainly picturesque.  There are several campgrounds and picnic spots.  Although it was really hot, we sat for awhile in the shade by the water — seemed cooler anyway!  Everywhere we turned, there were deer!  They wandered in and out of the camping areas, down by the water and up to some of the RV’s and trailers.  There were a number of young ones with theirs spots still in evidence.  Some were resting in the shade of some wonderful old huge oak trees draped with Spanish moss.  It’s a place we’ll definitely revisit!  It will be a lovely treat in fall.

If you look in the shadows of this picture, you may be able to see the deer. Deer at Lake Somerville campground They were smart and stayed in the shade where it was much cooler!

This is a picture from the shore of an island in the lake. An Island on Lake Somerville Harold says the fishing would be great near the island’s shoreline.

We’re not sure where tomorrow will lead us.  It will no doubt also have a historical flair.  The main thing is that we’ll be together and away from our normal routine.  That coupled with the falling gas prices…life is good!!!


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