Posted by: susanideus | August 27, 2006

Rethinking the journey

As I said in my first post, there was a chance that we could return to our life of service in retreat and camping ministries.  Well, this chance did not work out.  Awanita called and said they had decided to hire someone locally.  Once the tears of disappointment were past, I could see their point — quicker turnaround for them as they have a couple departing and what they must have felt was a more stablizing factor, someone closer to their roots and families.

That being said, I wanted to tell them that they missed out on one great opportunity.  They will never find anyone with such enthusiasm and heart and darned good qualifications.  I wanted to tell them, but I didn’t.  We may not want to burn this bridge just yet.

So, we keep searching, and trusting that if God wants us in His fulltime service, there will be an answer.

We must have a change in our lives.  Harold is just not internally wired for the high stress corporate managerial position he has now.  Add to that the fact that he is just not a city boy, and you have one miserable soul.  He withers a little each day, and I won’t let that continue.  My job is just boring, and the whole truth to that story is that I want to be able to write more and my hours now do not allow that luxury.  I carve time out when I can, when I must.  Those of you writers out there know there are times we just must…

Next week’s trip — yes, in a modified version.  Don’t know the details yet.  We definitely need a break, and there is the matter of an anniversary to celebrate.  So stay tuned for an abridged version.



  1. Susan,

    In “Who is Sue”, you mention your heart’s landcape as New Mexico. What is Harold’s heart scape? Perhaps, they are one and the same – New Mexico. Is it possible to first get to the place of your heart and then await your calling? Sometimes, the misery of having to work at unfullfilling jobs is lessened by living in the right place. Oftentimes, we must make the most profound change in our life, in order for “the call” to step into our hearts. I wish you joy and hope in your search.

    Blessings, Marti

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