Posted by: susanideus | August 25, 2006

My muse and I am here!

I never thought about having my own blog, but hubby Harold & I are about to embark on a grand road trip.  We’re going to drive to Marietta, SC for a job interview at Awanita Retreat Center.

Before our last move to Texas three years ago, we worked at a camp & retreat center in New Mexico.  We left for some very valid reasons, and we would not exchange our time here for anything.  However, ever since leaving the camp, there has been a piece/peace missing from our lives.  Our hearts are truly in camp ministry — enabling those who come to have a place where they can rest, worship and re-connect.  So, there is a chance, with this interview, that we may be returning to that life, albeit in a much different locale.

I’ve never driven east of Texas, so I know I will be well entertained by the new sights.  We’re taking a camera and I’ll post pictures along the way.  I will have to teach my hubby that the car can STOP between destinations.  I like to sight-see and he likes arriving.  We’ll find a compromise, I’m sure, as we often have — you see, we’ll be celebrating our 38th anniversary on this particular jaunt.  We’ve journeyed long together, and this trip will be the beginning of another great shared adventure.

Our exceptionally talented daughter Becca helped me set up this site.  I’ve listed a link to her blog.  She has lots of fun with it, so visit her too.  Hopefully, I’ll find a way to set up a link to our other exceptionally talented daughter Johanna.

Check back often!



  1. Blessings dear Susan,
    What a joy to add this beautiful, thoughtful, and soul-stirring blog to my list of favorite blogs. Well done Susan, dear sister of my heart. Your words and musings are magic for they touch my soul as they will touch the souls and hearts of all who stop by this wonderful place. I am just so proud of you.

    Loving blessings, Marti

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to words about your progress. I hope you do get to sight see along the way! We will miss you in the circle but I hope we stay connected through this blog!! Lisa

  3. Way to go!
    Blogs have been a challenge for me, but it is a great way to keep in touch.

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